Getting Started

A night before World Cup 2014 opening ceremony is a cold night. After hard rain hit my city, everything felt so cold. Time felt like slowing down. As I built this blog after made it the 24 previous hours, I got shocked when clock showed 11:00 p.m. and the World Cup music concert in the national TV network (as it is a culture in Indonesian TV since the Reformation era) has started. Just a few hours, they are broadcasting the opening ceremony from Brazil.

I don't talk much about World Cup since this is a food blog not football blog. But the most important thing is, the food blog has started from now on. I never think to hold such a huge project like this. I don't really into food blogging since I usually blog about media especially TV and radio. But I must try, try, try as Pink has told the people in her hits single.

I promise you to give mouth-watering photographs and spicy reviews, but I don't promise to review restaurants or food kiosks in every post, since I am not as mobile as bird.

I post it too late, haha.