Dried Brownies, The New Mainstream

When I was stuck and I got no idea to write, suddenly my mommy came with some snacks given by her pupils. One of them is brownies, both dried and soft. She brought some pies, which I will write about later.

Amanda Brownies, the main brownies vendor in Bandung, tried to do some innovations after a factory blaze on Easter Day. (this is really coincident!) Beside selling the well-known box brownies, the company released dried brownies.

The package is cyllindrical, with a tied end.  I ate a piece before I posted this. Mmm, so roughly delicious. I love it!

The texture is rough and solid (of course), and crunchy. Just the same as cookies served in your table everytime guest comes in. But this is brownies. The brownies productions seems like well-kept since the flavor is brownies and no flavor loss.

The dried brownies isn't hard to break up, but of course harder than the soft version. To spend a long piece, you need a long time. To spend a full pack alone, you need around a week.

Want to get that brownies? Want to have coffee with it? Just come around to Amanda outlet in several places in Bandung. Or just visit the website http://www.amandabrownies.co.id and translate it if you aren't Indonesian.